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To celebrate children’s gifts and talents in writing, editing, problem-solving and art, a school magazine team has been formed. A small group of nominated children from the more able register in Years 1 to 6 contribute to and publish the termly pupil-led magazine.


Please download a copy of the most recent edition of One Voice . The children hope you enjoy it! A copy can be downloaded from the Children Tab, One Voice Magazine.

The Passage


The Passage says "Thank You" for a donation of £125 which members of our school Choir collected at the Christmas Carol singing at the Savills. We thank the parents who allowed their children to take part and are pleased that the donation will help to alleviate the problems of homelessness in some way.

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Balloon Release


Today, 13th November 2017,  St. Monica's had a one minute silence to remember and pray for all the soldiers that have died during all Wars


This was followed by a balloon release and a special prayer for World Peace.


Follow the link below to watch the Balloon release and to take part in a one minute silence.

Monday Liturgy


Listen to the Monday Liturgy, it is taken by the Peace and Justice Society.


As well as hearing the word of God, it will give you a chance to reflect on the coming week. Please click the link below.



Summer Fayre

Incident Management Information

Westminster Cathedral  Choir School

Advent Calendar and Easter Activities

Hackney's outstanding children leading the country
Hackney is ranked number 1 local authority in England for Key Stage 1 for reading, writing and maths! 

The Department of Education (DfE) issued their 2016 report looking at Key Stage 1 on Thursday, 29 September 2016. Key Stage 1 measures outcomes at the end of Year 2, when typically children are seven years old. 

This is the first time the new, more challenging national curriculum has been assessed since it was introduced in 2014. The report shows that Hackney is ranked first in England for children reaching the expected standard for reading, writing and maths.

Hackney pupils eligible for free school meals and those with an Education Health Care Plan are also ranked in the top five in the country for all of the three core subjects.


These figures represent an outstanding set of results for Hackney in every measure.


Deputy Mayor and Cabinet member for Children’s Service, Cllr Anntoinette Bramble said: “I am delighted to see these results, which is down to the hard work of Hackney's children, parents/guardians and teachers. "We aim to give every child the best start in life and these figures along with the success at Key Stage 2 give me the confidence we are doing just that. "Congratulations and well done to everyone."

News Broadcast and Year of Mercy Prayer


You can now listen to St. Monica's News Broadcast under the Parents tab.


Year of Mercy Prayer can be found in School Life - Worship.

St Monica's continues to improve children's attainment and this is again recognised by the Secretary of State for Education in his letter below. We are so proud of our children, teacher and other staff who work so hard to make St Monica's a continually improving school!

Soft Start

While statutory start time for school is 8:55am, here at St Monica's, we actively promote a 'soft' early morning start where the children are encouraged to have breakfast in the school hall from 8:30am and begin their learning soon after. If you require further information, please speak to the Head teacher.

SATs results: 100% L4 in Comprehension; 90% in Maths and 93.3% in SPAG!

The 2014/15 Year 6 Pupils have really proven their worth. Their SATs results are the best results in our school's recent past! The staff and children are very proud of this achievement, and deservedly so! They have worked so hard!

See how well the children did in the summary below and how this compares with results nationally.




The United Kingdom has a rich social, political and cultural history which has shaped the society we live in today. During the month of June, the children of St Monica's will be joining the nationwide celebration of Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month, with a whole-school assembly and cross-curricular work. In honour of the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta, the week beginning Monday, 15 June will be British History Week at St. Monica’s. Children from Foundation Stage through Year 6 will learn about the significance of the Magna Carta as one of the building blocks of modern democracies and individuals’ rights.

Childcare Vouchers

We now accept Computershare Childcare Vouchers. Our Carer Registration Number is 0021528162.


Have you discussed your Fire Plan with your family? If there is a fire, what would you do?

We are part of the 'Read for my School 2015' challenge!


Read for My School challenges children attending primary and secondary schools in England to read as many books as they can across two months of the spring term. Prizes are available for pupils and for schools taking part in the competition, at regional and national levels. Please encourage your children to read as many of the choice books available free on the website. Follow this link for further information.