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Peace & Justice Society


Our School established a Peace and Justice Society in 2014.  




2018 -2019 Peace & Justice Society




 We are the School’s Chaplaincy Team for this year. Our role is the following:


·        To help the school to be a community of faith.


·        To encourage the pupils to live their faith in daily living.


·        To develop good relationships within and beyond the school community.


·        To support Liturgy, prayer and the spiritual life of the school.


·        To involve pupils in fundraising for charities.


·        To continue to develop strong links with the Parish.


·        To support the school in its Mission and Vision Statements.


We have lots of ideas of how we can fulfil our roles. Here are some of them:


  • Help to prepare weekly Gospel Preparation assemblies.
  • ‘Saints Day’ celebrations.
  • Organise various charity fund-raising events.
  • Suggest ideas for RE resources.
  • Promote bible stories.
  • Maintain our Prayer Garden.
"If one member suffers, all suffer together" [ 1 Corinthian 12 : 26 ]





As disciples of Jesus in the new Millennium, We pledge to:

Pray regularly for greater justice and peace.
Learn more about Catholic social teaching and its call to protect human life, stand with the poor, and care for Creation.
Reach across boundaries of religion, race, ethnicity, gender, and disabling conditions.
Live justly in family and school life.
Serve those who are poor and vulnerable, sharing more time and talent.
Give more generously to those in need at home and abroad.
Advocate to protect human life, promote human dignity, preserve God's Creation, and build peace.
Encourage others to work for greater charity, justice, and peace.