St Monica's Catholic Primary School

A small school where big things happen


The PFA has elected new members to lead its activities this academic  year. Below is the maiden letter from the new Chairperson - Ms Grace Anani.


As a voluntary aided school, Governors are responsible for the maintenance of the school buildings and must pay at least 10% of expenditure on any building work that is undertaken. This includes any expenditure on ICT infrastructure, boilers, windows and doors installations/replacements. The Governing Body relies on voluntary contributions from parents and friends of the school to be able to achieve this.  


The efforts of the PFA in generating additional income for the school is therefore crucial and much appreciated.


If you would like to get involved or have questions, you can contact  the school office and you will be directed to any of the executives.


Watch this space for updates and developments and, more importantly, Get Involved.

The work of the PFA directly improves the facilities available to our children, so do not hesitate. Let us all pull together to make St Monica's an even better school.

Fundraising Update

Since September,  we have raised the following amounts:


E Y F S Cake Sale:         £116.79

International Evening:   £105.00 - non uniform income.


 Image result for thank you 

This is very encouraging - please let us now push together for the Christmas Bazaar coming up on Friday 7th December 2018.


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