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School Performance

Our pupils continue to do very well and make good progress. In the second year of the new Assessment method, our 2016/17 cohort again gave the school a report which is higher than the Hackney and National averages. We continue to work with the pupils to increase the number of pupils working at Greater Depth across all Key Stages.


In KS2, the % of pupils achieving  Expected Standard were:

Maths: 83% (Hackney - 81%; National - 75%)

Reading, Writing & Maths: 83% (Hackney - 71%; National - 61%)



In KS1, the % of pupils Working at the Expected Standard were:

Reading: 82% (Hackney - 80%, National - 76%)

Maths: 82% (Hackney - 81%, National 75%)

RWM: 76% (Hackney - 74%, National 60%)


More details are contained in the excerpts from the Data Booklet below: