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Ofsted Data Dashboards Decommissioning – 15 March 2016

The Ofsted Data Dashboards will not be updated with 2015 data. However, the current dashboards will be available until 30 September 2016, after which the dashboard website will close down.

Users of the School Data Dashboard can download PDF copies of the Data Dashboard for their school up until this date. Users of the Further Education and Skills Data Dashboard will be able to save the webpages, taking care with the Context tab, which contains a filter on the ‘Priorities for industry development’ table. The removal of the website will mean that we will no longer hold the dashboards and we will be unable to provide these to users.

The Department for Education (DfE) has released the school comparison tool. It can be used to compare performance data across schools, and to check individual schools, using a similar graphical presentation to the Data Dashboard. The DfE site covers a very similar set of data as the School Data Dashboard. Customers who previously used the Data Dashboard will be able to use the new service to access the data they need to provide a snapshot of performance data for their school.

Our pupils continue to do very well and make good progress. This was a very challenging year for all schools following the new Assessment method, but we are very proud  of our 2016 cohort who gave the school a report which is higher than the Hackney and National averages.


In KS2, the % of pupils achieving  Expected Standard were:

Maths: 93% (Hackney - 78%; National - 70%)

Reading, Writing & Mats: 66% (Hackney - 63%; National - 52%)

GSP: 97% (Hackney - 77%; National - 72%)


In KS1, the % of pupils Working at the Expected Standard were:

Reading: 86% (Hackney - 81%, National - 74%)

Writing: 83% (Hackney - 78%, National - 66%)

Maths: 83% (Hackney - 82%, National 73%)

Science: 90% (Hackney - 85%, National 82%)

RWM: 76% (Hackney - 74%, National 60%)


More details are contained in the excerpts from the Data Booklet below: