St Monica's Catholic Primary School

A small school where big things happen

Catholic Life of our School

We are a Catholic school that is committed to serving our community and all stakeholders. 

Jesus is at the heart of our learning, values and beliefs.  We live our faith every day, openly demonstrating the qualities of Jesus to each other, loving one another and fostering forgiveness. 

We value and celebrate each other's gifts and talents, nurturing them to instil a deep sense of pride in each other - after all, we are all 'fearfully and wonderfully made' by God the Father.  

We seek to create a stimulating environment and a happy, caring community where each person grows in knowledge and love.

Fr. Gabriel is our School Chaplain and the Parish Priest of our Church - Saint Monica's Catholic Church.  We cherish the very close relationship between our school, our school chaplain and our local school community.

We proudly demonstrate the rich traditions of Catholicity as we evidence it through our works, displays and assemblies.