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Common Good

The common good is the complete development of all the people of the world. John XXIII describes it as ‘the sum total of conditions of social living, whereby persons are enabled more fully and readily to achieve their own perfection.’ Mater et Magistra – “Mother and Teacher” (1961).


The pursuit of the common good entrusts, both to the government and the Church, care for the greatest good of all persons, not just the greatest possible number. No individual is excluded from the common good. It is also therefore linked to the ideas of human dignity and authentic and integral human development, making them central aims of all societies.

Here are some examples of how St Monica’s lives out this mission:


At various times throughout the year,  we collect donations for various causes, including CAFOD.

During Harvest particularly,  our pupils donate various items of food which are then donated to people in need. This year, we had a bumper collection which was donated to the Food Bank.

Thank you to our pupils, parents and staff who continue to give generously.


"The dignity of each human person and the pursuit of the common good are concerns which ought to shape all economic policies" Pope Francis