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Magic Breakfast for all - So No Child Starts School Hungry

Research has shown that children who skip breakfast perform less well academically, socially and emotionally. Providing children with breakfasts that are rich in fiber, whole grains, and protein can help to boost their attention span, concentration, and memory.

Health4Schools also states that a child's breakfast should provide about one quarter of their daily energy intake as levels can be low after a night's sleep. Low blood sugar levels have been linked to poor memory, concentration and learning, so raising blood sugar levels early in the morning will help the body to function more effectively throughout the day.


Magic Breakfast helps us to fulfil our desire to equip all our pupils for a productive future, and we are proud and grateful for this partnership.

We Care!

Magic Breakfast is available in the Breakfast Club from 8am to 8:40am,  and ALL pupils are served Bagels in their classrooms from 8:40am.