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National Online Safety

Screen Addiction

Screen Addiction 1

Some very useful information for parents and children regarding online screen time, its implications on social factors and how to manage it efficiently.  Certainly worth a good read even better if we can put it into practice.  (Courtesy of National Online Safety)

Social Media and Mental Health

Social Media and Mental Health 1


As part of Mental Health Awareness week, 'National Online Safety' are encouraging parents/carers to think about the 'modern pressures' associated with social media and how it may affect their child's mental.

Use of Smart devices in our homes

Use of Smart devices in our homes 1


Here is some fantastic advice for parents regarding the management of smart devices in our homes. 


Smart devices promise to make our lives easier. And in many cases – they do. But these new technologies present risks too.


This guide will help you identify some of the ways you can stay alert and protect yourself.

(Courtesy of National Online Safety)