St Monica's Catholic Primary School

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School Performance & Reports

Below are the results of our School Inspections by OfSTED and the Catholic Diocese of Westminster.


We continue to maintain a Good rating from the two Inspection bodies, ensuring that our pupils receive good quality all-round education to prepare them for a fulfilling and productive adult life.

Our Key Priorities for this academic year

Our pupils continue to do very well and make good progress. We continue to work with the pupils to increase the number of pupils working at Greater Depth across all Key Stages.

The schedule of our Performance Data over time shows that our pupils continue to progress and attain year-on-year.


As the extract below shows,  our pupil attainment is consistently above National averages. We continue to stretch our more able pupils to increase the percentage exceeding (formerly greater depth) pupils, and reduce the gap between our PPG and non-PPG pupils. We recognise the attainment of our compound-disadvantaged children and continue to target these in a holistic way.

3-year attainment trend: 2017 to 2019 academic years

Performance Tables


The Government has created a one-stop link to compare all schools' performance at's-roman-catholic-primary-school/primary


Our school performance can be viewed at