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School Therapy Puppy

Meet FLORABELLA - our Therapy Puppy

After a long and thorough discussion with our pupils, parents and staff,  and  work with the Dogs Trust, we have now introduced a Therapy Puppy, named Florabella. 


Florabella has been getting to know our school community, and many children now see her as a member of the school,  as shown in some of the pictures below.


The Dogs Trust believe that by educating young people about staying safe around dogs, we can really improve dog welfare for the better. Our experiences show that teaching compassion, care and respect towards animals can also enrich children’s lives in many other ways. The link below is for an EYFS book called ‘Be safe, Be kind’ is FREE to download from our website: 


Be safe, Be kind’ is designed to be read and re-read at school and at home and includes some simple songs which use familiar tunes to help children remember what they have learnt. 


In addition, The Dogs Trust ran a whole-school Workshop on two days, working with every class on how to stay safe around dogs.