St Monica's Catholic Primary School

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Year 2



Welcome to Year 2


Hello parents and children!

Miss Ribeiro here. I’m happy to be continuing the learning journey with this class. I look forward to your continued support and understanding as we embark on a fantastic journey that is year two!


Year two will bring new and exciting learning opportunities for your children, whereby they will continue to flourish with all the knowledge that they soak up! 


Towards the end of year two, the children will sit some exam papers known as SATS. Although they help us understand the children’s academic capabilities, it is not an entire reflection of who they are. 


Our children are unique and special, all in their own way, which is a gift that God has given them. Let's celebrate that!


I look forward to working with you all again!


Thank you

Miss Ribeiro

Our Class Timetable - This will show you what lessons will take place during the school day.