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Online Safety for Children

Roblox Guide
Roblox is one of the most popular video games of recent times with more than 150 million users worldwide.  It enables users to create their own gaming experiences and set various levels.  It has also been in the media over concerns of e-safety, especially amongst young children.
In this guide (courtesy of National Online Safety) you will find its potential risks and how to minimise them to ensure your child has a safe experience, should you choose to use it.
Supporting Children with Identifying Fake News
Warning of a new emerging trend on Tiktok
The Police have brought to our attention that there appears to be a new trend emerging on Tiktok.  Tiktok users are advertising for students to give them their remote learning login details so that they can disrupt lessons and be rude to teachers.  They film the disruption and post it on Tiktok with tags similar to #lockoff.  Cases have already been reported in Hounslow, Waltham Forest and Camden.

Please reinforce the message to students that they must keep their passwords private as they will be held accountable for anything that happens on their account.  Please carefully read the warning factsheet below courtesy of 'The Key' Safeguarding Training Centre.
Stay e-Safe Christmas Letter
As Christmas gets ever closer, our children will be writing lists to Santa or giving hints about what they would like under the tree.

Technology is now a very popular item on many children’s lists with tablets, smartphones, game consoles and smartwatches likely to be asked for this year.
Whilst we want children to enjoy their presents, it is also important that parents look at ways to ensure that their children use these devices safely.

Children are accessing technology and the internet at a younger age than ever before. It’s never too early to talk to your child about what they do online and who to tell if they come across anything online that makes them feel worried, scared or sad.

Attached is some practical advice for children and parents for help and guidance purposes.
Network Rail
Due to the very high level of trespassing on the tracks by young people within the borough, Network Rail in partnership with Learn Live are working to help raise awareness to students across the UK educating them about the dangers of the train tracks through interactive digital delivery.

Network Rail have kindly shared this video to raise awareness as spikes in trespassing occurs during school holidays.
Some very useful information for parents and children regarding online screen time, its implications on social factors and how to manage it efficiently. Certainly worth a good read even better if we can put it into practice. (Courtesy of National Online Safety)

Screen Addiction
As part of Mental Health Awareness week, 'National Online Safety' are encouraging parents/carers to think about the 'modern pressures' associated with social media and how it may affect their child's mental.

Social Media and Mental Health
Here is some fantastic advice for parents regarding the management of smart devices in our homes (Courtesy of National Online Safety).

Smart devices promise to make our lives easier, and in many cases – they do. But these new technologies present risks too.  This guide will help you identify some of the ways you can stay alert and protect yourself.

Use of Smart devices in our homes